Marcos Redondo fra Spania er tilbake og tilbyr Natural Massage på Puro Yoga, 22-28 november. Bestill time nå!

Pris: 1150.- , ca. 90 min. (betales med kort el. kontant i resepsjon)

Hvor: Puro Yoga, bestill time i resepsjonen på dagtid: tlf. 22123030

A Natural Massage is a therapy done by hand. Marcos has developed a holistic therapy for the body, mind and soul, based on techniques and oriental anatomical knowledge practiced by the Eastern Ancestors. With influences from Shiatsu, Thaimassage, Ayurvedic massage, diffrent holistic treatments and Sportmassage.
The treatment is done whilst wearing a 100% bioecological cotton kimono, in a relaxing and quite ambience.
The session can take up to 90 minutes and will relax your mind and free your energy-flow, breathing and yield freedom in your body.

Wat Po Temple (Bangkok)
Old medicine hospital (Chiangmai)
Kimura Sensei (Tokio, Japan)
Kerala ayurvedic (India)
Sport Academy (Spain)
Ancient Masters in (Thailand and Himalaya)

Marcos Redondo has travelled and studied with the Ancient Masters of Asia who have given him an extensive training and practice in traditional manual therapies and massages.
Marcos has treated world class soccer players, tennis players and several atletes holding olympic medals, political leaders and actors.
Marco is from Spain, but lives temporarely in Berlin, Germany. We are very honored to have him visiting Oslo and Puro Yoga again for one week.