Søndag 16. februar kl. 18-20.00
Pris: 300.-
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Vår kjære Daniela  ønsker å dele en nydelig klassisk yogapraksis og renselse med oss: TRATAKA
Med hennes egne ord beskriver hun seansen slik:
Trataka is a traditional yogi practice which prepares the mind for meditation. It is simple and powerful and has many benefits. It cleanses and relaxes the tears gland (eyes), it also calms the mind and increases concentration as well as it is good for memory. This practice is recommended for people who are stressed and cannot sleep, or for those with weak eyesight and weak eye muscles. Trataka can be practiced by any person who is willing to find calmness and would like to experience some internal peace and light.

Daniela invites you to learn this old practice. There will also be some guided pranayama to prepare the body and mind. By learning trataka, you can make it part of your normal routine and experience its benefits in your daily life.

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